Old Blue Ribbon Farm: Family Lifestyle Session

family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-134First things first: I love this session!  We got the most gorgeous weather to photograph the Evans family at Old Blue Ribbon Farm in Eminence, Ky.  This lifestyle session was a combo pack of lots and all of it wonderful.  Jill has this sweet Dodge Dart and Shasta trailer that she rents (!!) and from the minute she told me about this combo and her quilt collection that she'd be bringing along, I knew we were a perfect match. You'll see a bunch of family images, a handful of images that include Jill's parents (her father manages the farm and a handful of connected properties!  BONUS: they are a gorgeous venue for weddings, so check that out, brides) and many photos of her oldest, son, who is a senior.  Aside from loving the venue, I loved all the different avenues and things to photograph.  Her son, Clay, is a fisherman so we incorporated his boat and fishing stuff near to the pond, too.  We worked in both of the gorgeous white barns and around the main house.  So much whitewash made my heart so glad!

When it came to Jill's immediate family photos with the Shasta and Dart, I LOVED all the quilts she brought along.  You may have noticed her sewing studio, Stash, on Bardstown Road.  My most favorite quilt of all was the one she sits next to when we made portraits of her inside the renovated trailer.  Each square is a little trailer - so great!  And did I mention that she restored and decorated that gem of a camper by herself?  Love it!

Such a great use for a lifestyle session - we got so much done in a couple hours and met a bunch of needs for her.  Love these fun memories! family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-135family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-136family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-137family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-138family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-139family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-140family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-141family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-142family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-143family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-144family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-145family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-146family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-147family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-148family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-149family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-150family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-151family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-152family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-153family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-154family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-155family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-156family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-157family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-158family-pictures-shasta-dart-camper-old-blue-ribbon-farm-159