Oldies But Goodies I Moving Time

As many of you know, I (and many other amazing people and friends) have been working to open up a store in Shelbyville where I will move my little home and office to. Tonight, while I smelled oil paint for hours, listened to country music, sang a little too loudly and watched as my floor went from wood to white, I reflected on the journey that has brought me to this place I will soon call home. I am oh, so, very grateful for *the* most wonderful family, friends and clients that are making this possible and sustainable. You have been so, very encouraging along my path, and most patient when school got in the way, the remodel went too slow or a host of other life matters got me down. You provided laughs, joy and lots of learning for me. Many of you have grown to be close and dear friends, and for that I am most grateful.

With each stroke of the brush I thought back through many sessions where I learned so much from my clients, friends and family. Everything from how to pack for college, how to make people comfortable, even how to properly tape for painting stripes and a host of other things, and I realized just how much I have grown from having you all come into my lives. So many of the times I spent with you photographing were turning points for me, epiphanies and falls. I really hope that in some way I touched your lives, just a teeny-tiny percent of how you each have influenced, taught and changed me.

So where is this all going..I dunno..I have seen lots of you and many of your parents doing something new, this week: sending those high school seniors off to college for the first time. And that's who this post is for the most, I suppose. Four years ago I was doing the same thing you are. As you move away from home and start your own little life, remember to take a little time to sing aloud, listen to your thoughts and be thankful for everyone who made your life this far what it is.

Think about where you want to be when you graduate and what you'd hope to be doing. I remember my first night at school, unpacking my belongings and decorating my room, I dreamed of having my own little place to call home and my own business that connected me to the world. Western was going to be the place that would teach me what I needed to know to follow my little plan. I dreamed of coming home after graduation and finding a store in Shelbyville to call my home. Never could I have guessed I would find such a perfect place, so soon, but alas, I was a lucky one and I have. Crazy to think that just four years later, I'm sitting in the middle of my floors painting and dreaming, instead of on my dorm bed decorating and dreaming.

This still isn't going anywhere clear. Hmm. All of this s-l-o-w-ne-sssss on the building purchase and remodel has really had me operating in a fog of disorder, but tonight, I remembered again how blessed I have been and how much disorder I have pushed through, with your help, of course. How neat it is to see your dreams come full circle. And how great that road has been.

You college kiddos at school for the first night alone, and you moms crying all the way home, chins up and minds dreaming. It's crazy how far four years and some luck can take you. Enjoy it, because you'll be wrapped up in your graduation gown before you know it.