Packing it all up!

Friday afternoon all of the labbies - a group of 15ish students who come to workshop to work, organize, help and learn - including myself gathered to pack our huge Penske truck full of tons of expensive gear. Lamps, cameras, camcorders, computer towers, tape, pencils, cords, wires, name it, we packed tons of it. We knocked out our task led by our fearless leader, Justin (a graduate of the program, bottom left in the green), in about two hours. Here we are all post-pack. Thanks to Jake Stevens for this picture.


This is what I think about packing...and tests...and little sleep...and editing...and prints...and school...and photo...and doing my hair...hah. Thanks Jake.


Kellie and Mandy pulling out the ramp on the truck.


The boys putting in the first item. It's officially begun :-)


One of my besties...Mandy - she, Inge and I are staying together in the super classy Days Inn of Mayfield.



This is Inge....I swear she's sweet - just not when packing lamps into a hot, smelly truck.


A few of the thiry computers we brought from school.


Jake...wasn't a labbie, didn't have to pack...but helped anyway. I love my WKU photo fam...everyone is so fabulous :-)


And last a photo Alex Fortson shot of Alyssa - the brave driver of the 15-passenger labbie van.


So that's the scooop....we packed, and we all went our separate ways to finish CPOY (College Photographer of the Year) entries, pack our own belongings and get a night's sleep...or try anyways. Next up...arriving (on time) at 8 am Saturday morning and driving to Mayfield.

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