Part 2: Ashley and Will's Winchester Wedding

Now for the good stuff!  I hope you enjoy Ashley and Will's wedding as much as I did.  Their guests were amazing and hit the dance floor for the whole evening, non-stop.  And those of you who know Will, know that he spent his fair share of time on dancing.  I'm pretty sure once the meal was eaten, I never saw him stop moving. Highlights of these images for me?  Ashley's Mom and Dad walking down the aisle - I LOVE the way she's staring at Kevin - so cute!  Will crying as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife left me teary eyed, for sure.  Oh, their sweet friends who weren't close enough to make it to the wedding sent over cardboard cutouts of themselves.  By far the sweetest thing I've seen - beats an announcement all to heck.  The guests enjoyed dancing with the cardboard folks, as did Will!  I think all in all, I just enjoy the fact that Ashley and Will are now married, and every single person who joined in to celebrate - really did.  Enjoy!