Pictures of Mommas

Been examining the WHY of what I do quite a bit lately.  It's always been quite a bit about delivering a timeless, technically correct, pleasing and complete product - which is great.  It really is.  But lately that's morphed a lot into a whole lot of boring and a whole lot less of images I just love.  Mostly because I moved away from giving what I love, not just what is easy to love.  So.  These two images.  Not perfectly composed, not ideal light, not even best moment, but they genuinely feel to me like life with my sweet friend, Brie, does.  She's the embodiment of hospitality, she does more (as is motherhood) than any one person should be able to do and her kiddos reactions to and relations with their mother in these images yell to me ''we cherish our mother - we respond to her in the way she makes us feel.'  So refreshing for me to begin again at editing and shooting  for images that are full of connection, moment and authenticity.  Makes my blood start to pulse freely again.