The most asked question of me in the middle of all this shopping mayhem was not, "Where are you going on black Friday" or "Have you seen that deal at the MAC counter (LOVE MAC!!)", but....."Can you help me pick out a camera for my granny/sister/uncle/dog/brother/mom/etc." I'm not gonna lie...point and shoots aren't my specialty, but I spent some time combining my previous photo knowledge with my favorite camera site: B&H Photo and got my act together. Those of you photogs. that know me, know I am a Nikon girl - you won't sway me...I LOVE Nikon goods, so naturally I am gonna give you my top Nikon pick for this year!

Here she is:


Let me tell you....this thing is great...it even comes in red!!!


So why do I love it?

1. First, the thing rings up at $219.95. Never spend any more than $250 on your little camera...they're ever changing, and unless you're selling your snaps - it will never pay for itself...only suck money into printing...photo printers etc. , so stop the sucking early....don't open up your wallet if it has more than $250 in it!!!!!

2. It has 8.1 megapixels...which pretty much means you can make a stunning 16x20 inch print. I've never made anything larger than an 8x10 from mine (and I LOVE huge photos), but it's always nice to have that option. Plus, the more megapixels, the more clarity your images will have.

3. Vibration reduction!! This bad boy has an image stabilizer inside that steadies the lens - compensating for your hand movements. This also shows a more stable image on the 3"...yep 3" screen!

4. An interior zoom. This is an Elizabeth personal preference (that phrase is trademarked :-)), but I much prefer the lens to stay inside the camera, as opposed to coming out of the camera when you turn it on. Is this better or worse for the camera...who knows, but it's one less thing to break, crack or have to wait on. My mom had a camera that got the daggum lens stuck outside and turned useless on us. External lens on a point and shoot : just don't do it.

5. Red-eye fix; this seems to be a classic point and shoot issue, but this thing claims to shoot red eye in...well...the red eye.

6. Two important cords : the charger and the USB cord. The thing seems simple enough to attach to the computer. Half the battle is getting the pictures off the camera and sharing them. It even hooks right into your TV for easy image viewing.

7. Video and voice recording - always a fun tool.

8. 6 buttons : one for trash, one to play, and a few others..but they look easy to use and well marked.

Well that's it folks - all the info I have to offer. I would definitely buy this from B&H - they're great!

The only thing missing from this camera is a 1 GB or 2 GB SD card (these are on sale like crazy...watch the ads) and a cute little pouch.

Hop over to Etsy for some great little wristlets - LOVE me some wristlet, they're perfect for running around - you can drop your camera, phone and credit card in and go.

I hope you enjoyed this briefing and hope you'll stick around for the results from the Rocket's game. I'm off to the photo lab at school to print my sports portfolio.

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