Preventing Child Abuse

**Well hello, there. Please laugh at my silliness - I had written this post right after I shot this event and scheduled it to blog in 2012 by accident.  So please pardon the tardiness, but I was being a flake. This week I had the pleasure of photographing a press conference for Family and Children's Place and the sweet, little Terry family was in attendance.  You know Miles' momma who blogs, here - right?  And remember, JT, from the Henderson family?  He works at Family and Children's Place and had a hand in planning this little shin dig at the Yum! center.  At first I thought it was nice of Megan to stop in and support our friend, JT - but after I watched the news crews interview her about Child Abuse Prevention Month it all clicked in my slow mind.

Megan's explanation and example in her post here hit the nail on the head.  So often we decide where abuse happens and in which demographic of folks it is most likely to occur amongst - but the reality is that abuse effects all of our children.  It effects my doctor-best-friend who carries a lot of burden in her heart for the kid-victims she treats on the daily.  It could be a part of your kiddo's classmates lives.  It effects the policeman who has to move kids from their homes in and out of foster care.  Those kiddos you see in the grocery, at the post office and all around the parts of your everyday could be victims.  Lots of news was announced at the event, but lots of awareness was also started.  I'm thankful for my friend, JT, and his colleagues who pour their lives into such a great cause.  Each day they're trying to change tomorrows for lots of folks.  All in all, I think the event served as a reminder to me that there are always plenty of people that have it tougher than me.  There are lots of little people out there that we all need to look after and walk alongside.  Not sure if any of this made sense, and if it didn't, just look at this sweet picture of my friend, Miles.  I'm just really glad to have really great friends who stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves -- and not just in word, but in deed day after day.  That's all.