Ready, set, go: April Goals!

In the craziness of Uganda, I don't believe I ever posted my goals for that month, so no update for ya on my achievement success.  Sad times.  I do remember the three big goals were 'enjoy your time in Uganda', 'prayerfully prepare for trip' and 'complete all work necessary for leaving' - check, check, check!  I flew outta this country exhausted, but guilt free knowing I left behind a prepared office and staff as well as all work up-to-date.  Felt.  SO.  GREAT!  So that's that on the update.  A few random photos for you from Uganda and my goals for the springy month of April!

1.  Be back to blogging current sessions, as they happen

2.  Blog each day in April - though I wish to be blogging daily long-term, starting with one month may be smartest!

3.  Buy a bike and learn how to appropriately (and by appropriately, I mean following directions, road signs and behaving myself) ride through the country.  Part two?  Actually ride said bike.

4.  Enjoy my trip and be prepared at my leaving.

5. Complete The Hunger Games and The Hole in Our Gospel as well as one other book of my choosing.  Then blog about them.

6.  Live more selflessly and serve without thinking things through.  Just go and do and meet needs without passing GO.