Red Orchard Park Wedding | Taryn + Chris

Hard to believe this post is actually happening, but sweet Taryn, whose senior photos I did ages ago, got married!  She used to intern at Lizzie Loo and help out at all sorts of random times.  She's got  a sweet, servant heart, love people and adores children - I don't know how I got so lucky for so long.  As you can imagine we spent many 'a late nights working in the office talking about fellahs and husbands and dates and my goodness, she couldn't have found a more perfect match for herself.  Chris is kind, gentle and he doesn't waver when Taryn's crocodile tears come.  He makes her laugh, he's an encouragement to her, but most importantly he points her to Christ. Their wedding was a beautiful testament to the God who brought them together and Luke and I couldn't be more glad for you both!  Everything was perfect.  So family full.  So beauty full.  So encouraging.  And so spot-on-Taryn.  And those portraits in the field.  Oh my gracious - I love them so.

Chris and Taryn, we love yas.  We wish you a sweet Christ-guided marriage of togetherness.  Togetherness through all of the ups and downs.  And buckets of joy.  Thanks for choosing us.