Reflecting, Planning, Structuring and Investing in Prayer | Clean up on Street Six | Part 2

Well, well.  Christmas has passed, I'm tying up loose weddings, albums and print orders from the end of the year and I'm so excited to be entering into a little slower seasons where I can dream, plan, reflect and then commit my way to the Lord, as David said in Psalm 37:5. I'll be running through Lara Casey's 2012 review and Gina Zeidler's #dothereview on Instagram, this week, in a cutesy, clean, recycled paper moleskin.  So excited - and then I'll be planning for 2013 with some exercises of my own, and I'm sure some other folks' plans I find!

Wanna join in?  Hop to your 2012 reviews!  Whip out your calendars so you can remember all that whirred by and weed through your old blog posts.  Be gentle on your self and remember to focus on the good and uplifting, while simultaneously taking note of the less than, the needs-improvement and the places of lack.  Look for old goals and plans in past journals and hunker down with what you wanted 2012 to look like against what it actually looked like.  In ALL areas.

Run those Quickbooks reports, finish combining all those to-do items that have rolled over from list to list, whip our your bible and check your familiarity there.  Look for bible studies completed (or almost!) in 2012, what books did you read, where did you go, who did you encourage, where did you invest your time and love?  What parts of your life grew and which parts withered?  Make lists of these things.  I'll be using black for high points + gold for things that need work!  Once you're done there, lets all get started on the list below!  Weigh in - post a comment of your findings and your plans, of your crazy, huge goals and dreams - check in a bit and let me know where you are and how you can be encouraged.  It is my privilege to be able to keep up with so many of my clients and friends, but in 2013, real connection is an even bigger priority for me!

Here goes 2013 you will....

That's all, folks!  I want to hear your questions and will be back soon to chat about my 2012 in review.  And soon after that will be back to plan 2013 with you!  Enjoy!