Ritzmann Family | Growing through Grace

Meet my Ritzmann friends - we'd been talking for some time about photographing their family and we finally got together to do so this spring.  All 3 of their beautiful babies were born in other places, and they're expecting their fourth to come home soon - that's Camden in the picture frame.  I just love their heart for adoption.  They started their family by bringing little blondie, Lleyton, home from Russia and followed up by bringing Parker home from Ethiopia and then their little lady, Addy, home from Ethiopia, too.  Later this year they'll get to bring home baby Camden from South Korea.  All in 4 quick years. If you've been around here long, you know what a fan of adoption I am.  To see a family open their homes to 4 children in 4 years just makes my heart overflow with some serious joy.  So selfless, so intense to constantly be adding and growing and learning but so, so awesome.  You should take a minute (or few!) to read the Ritzmann's blog.

You should also take a minute to check out this blog post. The kids are sporting Superman Was Adopted tees in these pictures because the Ritzmanns are selling them to fundraise for Camden's adoption.  I'll be sporting a blue one as soon as they make their order and I think you should for sure check it out and grab one or a few.  I LOVE that they're such bright colors with a design that works for anyone and they're just plain 'ole tees.  None of that ladies/mens shaped business.  So check that out, read up on their adoptions and let's all support the Ritzmanns as they grow by one!  Enjoy!