Good luck this evening! I am in Boone County land posting from the local Panera, so don't mind the stinky color these images may have. My laptop isn't the editing and toning machine it once was! Anywho, tonight the Rockets face Boone County in Florence, Ky. for the regional championships - just one more step in their journey to state. I'm sure everyone is reading this as they pack their cars for the game :-). I hope to see lots of Rocket moms, dads and friends out tonight sporting their long underwear and cowbells!

Here are some images from the boys' practice on Thanksgiving. Yep...Thanksgiving (by the way, I hope yours was great - more on mine later). These boys are so dedicated - and I think Coach Shipley said it best, "We are thankful to be one of a handful of teams who get to practice football on Thanksgiving." The boys dined on doughnuts pre-practice and seemed to be content despite the chilly winds and muddy field. See you tonight!

Coach Lucas preps the offense.


The boys keeping warm. They're always entertaining :-)


I'm pretty sure this was in reaction to Coach Lucas saying, "Now boys, if you'll remember we haven't beat anyone by 70 points, as we planned, so lets get that done tomorrow night." Oh the pressure....glad I'm just the photographer.



Cuddling to stay warm, while Coach Shipley gave his Thanksgiving speech.


The field was pretty yucky.



I'm sure you'll do 'whatever it takes' to rock the Boone County scoreboard! See you there!


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