At 3 pm on a 100 plus degree day, my assistant Sarah Bobo (love her) and I met up with Sarah Heine in the Crescent Hill area. From the first phone conversation with Sarah I knew that she had a plan for her photo session. We started at Crescent Hill Baptist, and moved into the air conditioning at her family's beautiful home. After a tour and lots of shooting in her house, we drove across the road to a historical home Sarah adores. We took a quick run up Frankfort Avenue in search of some color and ended at Heine Bros. Coffee Shop. Yep, Sarah is a member of the rather talented Heine family, so naturally her father insisted we take some shots at the local shop. I totally enjoyed all of the personal locations Sarah chose - they represent her high school experience so well! Enjoy! In her home - gorgeous!


At Crescent Hill Baptist.

dsc_7627b.jpg dsc_8004.jpg dsc_8055.jpg dsc_7685.jpg

This is sooo J.Crew.


LOVE her eyes here!


Yes, she really was this much fun...and I didn't suggest this at all, it just happened.


This beautiful shot is in the Heine Bros. shop on Frankfort Ave.


Thanks again Sarah, my Sarah and I had a great time! The slideshow will be up here.