Schools and Skies : Teaching photo to fifth grade and a weekend away in St. Louis

I am the first to admit that I hate, absolutely hate, sitting all day long by myself at the computer....and not because I don't like quiet and being alone. I really do enjoy peace and solitude....but because my heart is one that was made to give. I enjoy the people part of my job - the connections and relationships I am granted through my business. The people I get to meet, encourage, learn from and give to are why I do this. Why I moved back home and why I say yes to nearly every opportunity. And let me tell you....the opportunities are craazzzyyyy if you are open to them :) James Ray Morgan sent me an email a couple months ago telling of a grant he wrote that got nearly a dozen cameras, two picture printers and all the supplies necessary for his kids to have a chance at taking a shot. Before he let them dive into writing their photo proposals he wanted to partner to teach them a bit about photography....and thus these picture below. I went four times to give a wee little presentation on what makes a picture good to Heritage Elementary's fifth graders. I think I may have enjoyed it more than them, but it tickled me pink when one of the kids told his teacher that it was the best lecture he had all year. So yay. And yay for planting the seed of art in kids so young. The world needs more teachers like James Ray Morgan who go out of their way to give kids more opportunities. I know that's how I got to where I am: teachers that pushed and prodded, challenged and opened doors. Enjoy these - I love the first one, but the second one even more...look at the crazy mix of expressions. Cracks me up.


And this image from my weekend trip to St. Louis with my Dad. Happy Wednesday!


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