As many of you know I split my time between the fabulous Bowling Green, Ky. and the super-fabulous Finchville, Ky. Why? I am completing my photojournalism degree at Western Kentucky University (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE WKU!!). And I am growing to really LOVE IT! Initially I was bummed, because so much documentary work doesn't leave lots of space for pretty and pizazz, but I'm learning how to spice it up a bit. Here is a sampling of what I've turned in - not all my favorites - but they show where I've been up to the past 3 weeks. A little girl playing in the fountains at Cherokee Park.


Some serious roller skaters at Champs Rollerdome.


Christopher 2X organized a remembrance ceremony for Cedric Duncan. Duncan was shot to death Sept. 17, 2006, and a killer is still to be found. Shown here is Duncan's 3-year-old and sister. A very powerful and volatile situation.


Gotta love those racetrackers.


Jerry, who walks hots for my father - he's been around a while. He likes fish frys on Fridays, and Bingo on Saturday.


A friendly jeweler in Bowling Green, Ky.


Angela, who cut my hair - from the fabulous Bella Salon on Bowling Green.


Carolyn Spitz, owner of Elegant Occasions in Bowling Green, Ky. You'll get to see some of her fabulous catering from a wedding I'll be shooting this Saturday.


LOVE Mrs. Blackshear - most sincere and sprite.


My pal, and yours, Christopher 2X. You'll be seeing lots of him - he'll be my community activist for a week.


That's all folks...for now! I do have some spaces Oct. 12-13-14. If you have requested times for this weekend, and I've been packed - get in touch! The holidays are approaching - all photos used for gifts, cards, etc. MUST be shot BEFORE NOVEMBER! Also - all galleries will be reposted for the month of November - so you can order holiday gifts! Yea!!

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