Although it has been a bit since our trek to Northern Kentucky, I see so much merit in posting these final images from the Shelby County Rockets' 2007-2008 football season. The Rockets fell 45-35 to Boone County, but managed to fight the entire game. I think Coach B summed it up best, the fans always supported and believed in the Rockets, as did the boys have much belief in themselves. Not until the final seconds of the game did anyone stop fighting for the win. I was super impressed with the turnout and am pretty sad it's all over. On a brighter note, this week I turned my Coach Cottrell story in for class, and although it hasn't been graded, some of my classmates remarked that it was the perfect coach story, field curriculum and illustrative of George in every facet. Needless to say I was super pleased with its reception and can hardly wait to turn in my final project, an essay on the Rocket's pursuit for success.

Not much football commentary to offer this week, enjoy!




I never get sick of this shot.





Not amazing, but I love how Coach Shipley seems to be watching over them. And the scoreboard light is perfect on their backs.



It was absolutely FREEZING! Not that you can tell.





So the night didn't end as planned, but by nature, I kept shooting. Wanted you to know I cleared all of these images with the players prior to posting them. I know there are quite a few, but I feel they each have merit, therefor I've posted lots. It was an emotional loss - but a loss that didn't come without a fight. Thanks boys for being so open with your experience.

As the clock ran out. They always supported one another.









I am absolutely in love with this because Jordan Burk's (right) mother is in the bottom left hand corner, crying too.




Thanks so much for always allowing me into your experiences and staying unaware, despite my clear presence. I can hardly wait to see you all at the banquet...I have a few surprises, so get excited. (I'm sure you already are... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...excited for the chicken.)


Stay classy :-)

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