Your Shelby County Rockets traveled to Richmond, Ky., home of the Eastern Kentucky Colonels (ewwww), this Friday night for what turned into quite the football game. The Rockets left with the Class 6A District 8 title after beating up on Madison Central 37-20. OK - maybe not a beating, but certainly a bruising! I haven't seen these boys so excited in a while - they were crazy...and though their coaches may deny it, they were pretty excited themselves.

I hope you enjoy this batch of images - I know it's a ton, but I love to include as many as I can - it's my little way of thanking the team for letting me share in their experience.

Check in soon for a little from the Rocket's preparation: Thursday's Thanksgiving practice - yep - they're practicing on Thanksgiving...and so am I.

I hope to see you all at the game Friday. I've said it many times; if there ever was a time to support your Rockets, it's now! They sure could use and would love all of your encouragement at the game Friday. We'll play Boone County (9-3) in Northern Kentucky this Friday night. Meet you there!

For now, enjoy my award-winning football commentary (I hope you caught my sarcasm :-)) and images.

A little prayer with Kyle Marston.


If I was on the Madison Central team...I would have been a little nervous.


Coach Lucas.



Notice all of the socks - if you're coming - dress warmly. It's a long, chilly night of excitement!


LOVE him!


A little Burk warm-up.



And a little joking around.


I love the quiet confidence here.




Coach Cresap.



A Nakatani kick!



I know I'm breaking the rule...but this is such a great moment. I couldn't resist.



What I love about this team compared to others I've photographed is their ability to encourage and excite one another. They really are friends and are in this not just to win - but to work together. If I was a Rocket mom (or coach), I'd be real proud :-)



Half-time hype!






Crazy Cresap :-)







Sometimes they get a little too fired up.


And frustrated...


Coach Dallas.










LOVE THIS MORE!!!! Check out Tomas on the right.



Spreading the word...to the wifey, I think.




Our locker room was placed perfectly (for me) right next to theirs.


And this is when Coach Shipley reminded me of our no-photos-of-him deal. I just love Coach Cottrell with the trophy and the girls with their Madison Central bags. It's OK to be jealous of SCHS's trophy.


Once the boys made is back to Shelbyville, the buses passed up the high school exit, and drove to the other side of town. They met up with some police, the equipment truck and lots of Rocket fans for a police escort through town. It was late, and town was quiet, but they yelled, screamed and honked just the same.



OK, Rockets - my charge to you. Let this be all Boone County sees - a blur of Rocket football! Good luck! I can hardly wait to document your win!