Serve and Be Served: FBC Shelbyville & Claudia Sanders Give Christmas

Earlier this week I stopped by First Baptist Church Shelbyville with my dear friend, Emily, to photograph an annual evening of service. Members of the church gather together to serve a meal, sing some praise and connect with needy families in our community. We all know the holiday season can get CRAZY, busy with so much to do, but be sure you have taken a chance to stop and get in the spirit of giving this season. Even if it's just carrying someone's bags a few feet, taking a minute to wish your server at dinner a Merry Christmas, letting someone else have the perfect parking spot at the mall or dropping a jar of peanut butter by Lizzie Loo. We all need to remember to pause and serve.....if for no other reason to remember the way you feel after giving to someone else. I promise you, it's the best addiction ever - you won't be able to stop.

Right now Claudia Sanders is sharing their restaurant with families in our community who are less fortunate - they offer a meal and toys for the children. Even the big man, 'ole Santa, shows up! This year the meals are in two sessions, and you have just about one hour to head over and help with the later session. The meal will be served 7-9 p.m., while volunteers are needed by 6:30 p.m. to serve, do dishes, greet and help to clean up.

Annnndd if you've seen your face on an ornament on the Lizzie Loo Tree, I will trade small ornaments for two jars of peanut butter and large ones for four jars to be donated to Shelby County's backpack program. Just stop by Monday or Tuesday between 10 am and 5 pm with your jars and we can trade ornament for PB. Remember they're usually $12 or $ get some PB on sale. Woot, woot - Happy Sunday and Merry Christmas!

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