Shain's Story: Paper Pregnant and Adopting

louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-093Met up with this sweet, old friend from my high school days to get acquainted with her crew one misty morning.  We had a sweet time together, catching up and talking about their future plans.  For the past little while Carrie and her husband, Chris, have been renovating their sweet home together all the while pursuing a family to share their home with.  The long and short of it is after a bittersweet season of infertility and the loss of a daughter they're eager to announce their paper pregnancy for a sweet babe through domestic adoption.  I literally could not be more excited for them nor more encouraged in the Lord from Carrie's faithfulness throughout these seasons.  So excited to join up with them and make images they'll be able to use in the process of sharing their life with the expectant Momma. Many, many of you who tag along here also have big hearts for adoption and may be interested in a couple things the Shains are up to.  A gracious family member set up a GoFundMe account to help offset some of the costs the Shains will be facing and you can read a bit more about their journey here.  They're also hosting a pretty hefty yard sale this Saturday morning, 8am-2pm on Whipp's Mill Road, right behind the UofL Shelby campus.  It'll be an easy find on that short bit of road.  They'll be doing a drawing, too, for a $250 Walmart card - and at $5/chance who couldn't give that a whirl?  And beyond that, I know they would be grateful for your prayers for a perfect placement, wisdom, peace and patience in the in-between as well as prayer for the birth mother of their baby, as she learns of the Shains and their hearts to provide a forever home to a sweet little one.  Thankful for the plans and direction the Shains are on and the opportunity to help and serve them in this season. Enjoy! louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-094louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-095louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-096louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-097louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-098louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-099louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-100louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-101louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-102louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-103louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-104louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-105louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-106louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-107louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-108louisville-adoption-portfolio-images-109