Sittin' Here. Sippin' tea.

I'm home from a lovely road trip South.  Visited my friends who just quit their big girl and boy jobs to purchase and run a country store for the sake of family and a slower life.  Love.  Strolled some fancy small town streets where Leila proceeded to poop on the sidewalk (yep!) and had the best time catching up with one of my dearest red-headed friends. Just sitting on my couch now, drafting blog posts, sipping tea and eating only the frosted mini-wheats that have lots of frosting.  I'm putting the naked ones back and not feeling guilty.  Not a bit of guilt.  Because life is for eating the frosted mini-wheats when you want.  And asking the man in the bar if you can take a photo of his rebel flag boots.  But it's also for giving practical gifts, so don't get too crazy.  Glad to be home.  So glad I got to be away.