Slowing Down.

So.  Today, I wrapped my final session of the busy, busy weekend and hopped in my car.  I was super pumped for lots and lots of great images Nathan and I made in 3 short days, so I rehashed that for a minute before my mind began reeling.  Just as I looked at the clock, I remembered the tasks I needed to do before I got to my next destination.  So being the master of the to-do list that I am, I started running through my checklist of must-completes before church and before Monday comes.  This mental slideshow was rolling at the same time I was operating my vehicle in reverse.  Not wise.  Before I was 3 items in I heard (and felt) a crunch.  Sad times.  My car's gonna be alright -not super pretty and not super convenient, but after I buy a new tire we'll be ready to rock and roll.  Thanks to my sweet clients who put my spare tire on and offered baby giggles to offset the (very minor) tragedy.  Mortifying at best to behave like someone without a brain.  But hey.  It happens. I won't lie - my little car has seen a little abuse, but nothing that I had done to it.  An icy basketball goal fell on it once (thanks Mom for the parking advice) and an older lady let her shopping cart roll into the door, but this was completely my fault.  Phew.  And it made my stomach churn for a few hours.  Well, it's still achey.  But all in all, I think it was a reminder to be still and slow (and use your mirrors?) and be present in the moment.  I don't often pause and live in the right now - I'm always two steps ahead.  Always thinking of the future and what needs to be done.  I've become a task master, a list maker and a life checker-outter.  Not cool.  It clearly didn't work out too well today.

Tomorrow I'll get a tire and we'll be good as gold.  And then I'll find someone who can fix the red racing stripe/dent.  But in the end I'll still have a car.  I'll still have a family who loves me and clients who hire me.  And a dog who thinks I hung the moon (please laugh).  I'll still be living in my cute house and hopefully I'll start soaking up all of it.  So next time you see me operating my car in reverse, remind me that I'm a much better parallel-parker and speeder than I am backer-upper, so I better be living in and attentive to the right now.  Be safe.