Stacey | Shelby County High School Senior

Stacey was a joy to work with.  We share the same vintage loves and affection for florals.  And look, in that first picture (that I love *oh* so much) you can see the studio in the background.  After shooting around downtown Shelbyville for a bit, we took our senior photography session to the graveyard.  Yep, you heard it here:  we made most of these great pictures in a cemetery.  But you don't see any headstones, do ya?  We had mason jars full of buttons, an old quilt, some flowers and loads of sunlight to complete the perfect session; even cooler weather came along for the occasion.  Enjoy Stacey's gorgeous eyeballs and sweet disposition.  I know you can't tell how hard-working and smart she is from these images alone, but trust me, she's much more than a pretty face and a kind heart.  Enjoy!