Summer Fun: Boyce General Store

These are my magnificent friends.  Really. I met Brie at some point in college and through the growth of our businesses and the continuation of the crafty little lives we led, we became pretty good friends.  And then we had photo businesses in storefronts at the same time and went antiquing together (lots!) and at some point in all of that we became besties.  We've been photographing her family for eons so when she said they were going to quit their 'big girl and boy' jobs and buy a country store, I was quite a bit confused.

But they did it.  They purchased the most lovely little country store and have worked and worked at making it a little destination gem, and if you're been, surely you agree.  And if you haven't been yet, you are surely missing out.  Here are some photos just a few weeks after they bought it.









What I love the most about this place is how much it's been about family.  Brie's Dad has led most of the construction, her husband Brad, is always adding little things here and there and he designs all of their brilliant ads for the store.  Brie bakes like a machine and their kiddos can come hang, stock cokes and greet folks.  So proud of them for choosing a place that allows them more family time.    Below is the store last fall after they gave the front a renovation - it's even better than this now - always improving!  As you can see from the pictures below they've since painted the inside white, turned the counters red and put awesome antiques all over.  They even hosted a multi-course Valentine's dinner earlier this year that Luke and I attended....and then proceeded to close down the place later :)    Before our wedding, on an empty store Sunday (they're not open - sad times just like Chic-fil-a, but yay for family time!) Brad and Brie helped us screen print the welcome bags for our wedding.  If I listed here all of the magnificent gifts and surprised they treated us to during wedding time, I'm pretty sure we'd be here for days.  They're the awesome kind of friends you never want to let go of.     The Boyce General Store is pretty much the most charming nod to yesteryear with the most wonderful folks inside - both the locals and the folks making your biscuits and cooking your Boyce Burger.  Next time you're in Bowling Green, definitely put it on your priority list.  Or heck, you could be like Luke and I and some of our friends - make a day of it for their upcoming Seasonal Saturday Supper - so excited about this.  In the meantime go like them on Facebook and check out all the goodness Brie makes.  It really is the most amazing.