Sweet 16 Miss Abby

Today my littlest sister, Abby, turns 16.  Yes, you should stop driving today, because she'll be out, running stop signs, being scared to pass cars on country roads and such. A few weeks ago we made these pictures in a mini-session to celebrate her birthday and for making birthday party invitations with.  I just LOVE the images so much.  The second set says everything there is to say about her personality.  And the inclusion of Dragon, our horse, is so perfect - she loves that fellah.

Enjoy these - and stop by anytime to see her invites I designed in person.  They're everything sparkly and pearl, sealed in a purple envelope.  Happy Birthday little lady!  And I love that she had her friends bring Shelby County Humane Society donations to the party in honor of our Papa's passing this year.  They shared the same birthday and a crazy love for animals.

I still remember you sitting at the kitchen bar with blonde pig tails, eating your cheerios.  You really should have stayed that small, but I'm glad you grew into a gorgeous little lady!  Happy Birthday Abra-ca-da-bra!!

****For those of you seeing this twice, I DO know when my sister's birthday is - today, the 31st!  I DON'T, however, always successfully schedule my blog posts - so today, little Abby, is your birthday + yes, I know...Happy Birthday twice!!!