Sweet Kennedy's Three!

kentucky-kids-photography-131This year Kennedy hit the ripe old age of three, so we met up at Lake Shelby and had snacks on a picnic table together.  I had the joy of meeting this babe when she was still living in her Momma's tummy, so seeing year three with her is extra fun.  Her sweet little personality keeps bubbling to the top and she's so interested in twirling in her pretty dresses, snacking on some Pez and hanging out with Daddy.  So fun to get to watch the ponytails grow and curl while the conversations become more easy and hilarious.  Enjoy! kentucky-kids-photography-132kentucky-kids-photography-133kentucky-kids-photography-134kentucky-kids-photography-135kentucky-kids-photography-136kentucky-kids-photography-137kentucky-kids-photography-138kentucky-kids-photography-139kentucky-kids-photography-140kentucky-kids-photography-141kentucky-kids-photography-142kentucky-kids-photography-143