Sweet Sisters I Louisville Portrait Photographer

Today, I'm reaching waaayy back in the archives to pull out some warmth. In October, I wanted to get out to shoot one sunny evening, so one of my best friends, Allie, made the push for a trip to the soybean and corn fields. If you hang on this blog for a little bit, you will see that nature - more specifically: fields of crops - are among my favorite places to be. The order, the consistent color and the organic patterns make my heart beat a little quicker. My blue-eyed littlest sister, Abby, is rarely super pumped about being my model, but somehow I talked her into it, as well as my sweet senior assistant Corie and off we went. We had tons of fun! It's always sweet to have extra ladies on hand to help adjust a wandering hair, add a perfectly placed accessory or tell better jokes than I have to offer. (If you've heard my plethora of three - yes, just three - *bad* jokes, you're probably giggling right now.)

Anywho, if you've had much a chance to hang out with me, you'll know it makes my soul sing when I get to share the beauty of a young lady with herself. I know that sounds silly and cliche, but nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's vision of their own beauty change. Seeing yourself in a different light can be so powerful - a dress as opposed to your standard jeans and tee shirt; laughing and joyful instead of being intently studious. I love the transformation an image can distill in us ladies.

And to my sweet models, only one of you gets to bear the real title of being a Lauer sister, but I consider you all (and a plethora of 15ish others) my best and sweetest friends. Thanks for always being willing models and smile makers on my busiest of days. Love you.