Sylvia's One!


Little Sylvia has come quite a long way in her short year and it was such a joy to meet her family and make images of her for them. We met a few times to make pictures, as Sylvia was feeling a bit under the weather and I'm so glad we had the variety of her home and somewhere local, outdoors.
Her folks are such an encouragement and testament to giving up your lives to care for your people - and with great joy. Sylvia was a teeny twin, born at just 23 weeks and weighing in at a bit over a pound. A little miracle to meet her and see the image taken in the hospital during her first days and to hold the bitty hat she wore in the hospital at her tiniest. You'll see this in one of the photos where she's sitting with this framed photo of herself.  You'll also see a giraffe that was just about her size (I think bigger!) than she was near her birth.
My favorite part? How much of a Daddy's girl that Sylvia is. He was able to stop by on his way through to work and thank goodness - He brought out all the smiles and giggles in her that she was keeping to herself.  And how selflessly Beth cares for Sylvia though it means giving up much of her own life this past year.  So beautiful!  Enjoy!