Tedi and I can vote together...one day.

Today one of my bestest little friends in the whole land got to become a part of the whole land.  Tedi became a US Citizen today and his adoption process was complete.  He'll be able to get a passport soon and go visit his homeland of Ethiopia one day.  So pumped for him.  Natalie and JT invited to me to come along and photograph the final step in such a long process for them.  Tedi has been such a blessing in all our lives, I can't quite explain and do it any sort of justice really. The love that his family has provided - all his family from aunts to uncles to grandmas and grandpas and friends and acquaintances - has been the most tangible version of the gospel I've seen.  There wasn't really any reason for Natalie and JT to spend months and months working to adopt a little fellah to love unconditionally.  But they did anyway and he has been the biggest source of joy for the 14 months he's been here.  So much grace and love abounds in the tales of adoptions.  Just so blessed to call you folks my friends.  Enjoy!