Thank you

Thanks friends.  For being much more than my clients.  For being super gracious and giving to the girls + I.  We have enjoyed so many great treats this summer, but have most enjoyed you letting us be a part of your lives.  I am so thankful for your invitation to bond with your families and the trust you give me. The presents have been super gracious and the memories great fun.  We've dined on cake, salsa, cake, McKinley's surprises, cake, itch-cream(if you've shot a summer session, you know what this is about), cake, choco-dipped marshmallows, cake, balloons ...and some cake.  And tons of cards.  I walk outside all the time to wishfully check my mail on a Sunday afternoon (I know) and there is always some funny little surprise inside.  You folks are always dropping off foods + too-sweet treats for us and we couldn't be more flattered!  Tonight when I got home the building was wrapped in streamers again and there was a 'We {heart} you!' note painted on the door.  Cuties.

Special thanks to Alli+Sandy for coming by last week to celebrate my birthday and for sending me this super-fab picture they made of me.  That on the left is a super-grande, chocolate-dipped marshmallow with sprinkles.  It will pretty much take you straight to sugar-coma land.  And on the right is one very long candle stabbed right in my lunch-time pudding. I'm thinking they sang me happy birthday while they made my picture...but really I was so shocked, it was all a blur.  Thanks again to you great people who make me job super fantastic and anything but a job!