Thank you!

Thanks to the Bears for a sweet photo text during my open house AND a gorgeous plant that showed up on my doorstep yesterday. DSC_6961.jpg

Last Monday I made a quick trip to Bowling Green to photograph Coach Danny Carothers as he was recognized at a school board meeting for his work in the community's children. Lots has happened with this story, much that I will blog on very soon. I've needed to post this image for Danny and Tim - the coach to the right. So here you go.

For now, I will leave you with this - $2000 in grant money, much encouragement to me, and many little lives have changed from a school assignment. Nearly each day I am humbled by the changes this story has created. What little thing could you do that has potential for big impact?

Tomorrow morning I'm heading to play Bingo with some older folks, because it feels right for some reason - because it keeps jumping out of the newspaper and coming up in conversation. I'll keep you posted on what comes of it. What's jumping out in front of you...what keeps calling your name? Better yet - why haven't you acted on it?

Keep coming back for that I'm settled I'm gonna take a swing at making this blogging a regular occurrence :-)

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