Thankful for writings on my heart

On my way to spend Thanksgiving with Jake and some friends last week, I drove along in my car singing and giggling to Leila, my always/all-the-time Westie-dog co-pilot. I had just wrapped a great session that reminded me yet again why I love my job. After that I met a dear friend for some Bob Evans and bonding. Halfway through our meal I ran outside to deliver prints to a client just in time for Thanksgiving sharing - who I knew would rave about her images and feel a bit sweeter about her beauty, because I felt that sweetness, even though they weren't of me. I just loved those pictures. I chose an old playlist that I always go to when I need to visit my happy place. And there I was, rolling down I-65 with my windows down and my puppy girl at my side. Happy and content. Optimistic and excited. My to-do list started to reel in my head, but this time it didn't bother me. Because I was on my way to Thanksgiving land...where no one can touch me or take my turkey away.

I thought about the list and about this journal/blog. What to write for Thanksgiving?!? A list of thankfulness, a picture of my pup, of my new store - a rehash of all my sweet clients. Nothing was clear. Even Thanksgiving morning my mind was spinning as I read friends' inspired posts so full of thankfulness and sincerity. I didn't have that inspiration, I did have that thankfulness and sincerity. But it didn't feel right...all my ideas didn't feel just right. So I sat on it, and thought about it this weekend; on my drive home, while Christmas tree shopping with the family, while cleaning my car today...and until now, it never hit me. Until I was sitting here listening to a podcast of the post while I edit.

I'm thankful for those who have written on my heart. For those that wrote me an encouraging note that I reread (and believe me, if you ever wrote me a note, I've reread it 100x+), for those who have trusted me with the first day of their new lives. For those little Bears in Bowling Green who taught me so many life lessons and helped to uncover my giving insides. For my parents who loaned me money to buy my first real camera, and didn't wince when I told them the price tag. For my friends who are sure to write and chat, especially when their own lives have taken them to South Korea. For my little girls in Bowling Green that were my babyGirl project - that educated me on the benefits of a backpack program and lit a fire in my heart to make sure I helped feed that in my own town. For Ms. McKinley who reminds me each time I need it, that this storefront, this little dream realized is my God place. For a heartfelt note that hangs on my refrigerator reminding me where my true beauty lies. For wonderful blessings, for great clients who have become my friends. For you and your stories, your adoption portfolios you email featuring my images. For family who grew my heart, giving and open to seeing these opportunities. For all of these writings and moldings. Thank you.

Please, remember the power you have to write on someone else's heart. Incredible.

Since all posts become dull without pictures, I am quite thankful for my sweet girl who deals with this bow on her neck. And for the patience that keeps me from locking her up each time she unwraps those Christmas presents. :) And for you all who read my ramblings. Happy Thanksgiving!!



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