Thankful: Relationships

After sitting in various coffee shops for a couple days, working while Luke works, I was hit with a little epiphany   Nearly everyone that comes in to meet with friends takes their conversation straight to relationships.  Guys with guys talking about their wives, their girlfriends or how their fiance is stressed out planning a wedding.  Ladies talking about friends, moms they've lost and babies they're having.  About being better mommas, wives and friends. Much, much, much of what we do outside of work - heck, in work, too! - revolves around relationships.  Relationships take work.  Lots of it.  Patience, tending, growing, forgiveness, compassion, love, understanding - all of those words that are so lovely to say but so, darn hard to live out each day.  Relationships are hard.  It's true.  And it's ok.

But relationships are beautiful.  And the things most dear to us.  You all continually invite me in to the biggest days for your relationships.  Weddings that show how much love, forgiveness, sacrifice, compassion and commitment there has been between two folks.  The lasting, unchanging, unconditional love of being parents - of having babies and raising them.

Completely humbled that you all continually trust me with the things and moments and people in our lives that hold the most weight to each of us.  Thankful, y'all.  Thankful.