Thankful y'all.

Going to try my hand at a couple thankfulness posts this week, but I'm certain they'll all be downhill from here. Tonight one of my besties, Grace, got a special treat.  Jon wasn't due home from his 1 1/2 year duty in South Korea with the Army until early next spring, but a few changes here and there and he returned home to the bluegrass, two major holidays and a few months early.  They hadn't seen one another for over a year.  At all.  That's intense, folks.  Take it from a girl who flys to DC once a month because a couple weeks is a little long. And on that note, the shop'll be closed tomorrow-Monday.  I'll still be answering emails, scheduling appoinemtns and congratulating all you engaged ladies, but I won't see you back in this office until next Tuesday!  Enjoy your break and get some rest!!