The Andriots : Shelbyville, Kentucky Family Photography

I am most sure you have run into my next family if you've ever been to Shelbyville. Bob and Sue (they're first) own and operate The Bell House know, the pink one with the AHH-mazing chicken noodle. Bob was also the relator for my studio purchase. Bob and Sue are adorable - and they're first in the lineup. You may recognize the rest of the family from the paint store downtown, soccer games, visits to the bank, haircuts, school.....they're everywhere. And I am quite glad they have chosen to be here for some time. They are a super-sweet family that gives lots to our community. Sue: thanks for purchasing this session at the A Loving Choice Pregnancy Center Silent Auction. It was my privilege to meet the rest of the family I didn't know and document your sweet love. Enjoy!





The newest addition...I just love this one :-)


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