The Foldens

From the minute I heard the first part of their story, I fell in love a little bit.  I had heard a bit from the outside, as I watched Tedi a few times, so their cousin JT and Natalie could be with their family during a rough time.  It wasn't until Brooke started a blog that I fell in love all the way. There is no way that I can describe the heartache the Foldens experienced as they grew their family to 4 and lost their son at 7 days old.  You can read her account here, but be sure you have your tissue box nearby.  Her perspective is absolutely incredible.

I don't share this story to make you sad or draw attention that the Foldens wouldn't want.  I share it because they have let the Lord work in incredible ways through this whole situation.  I like to think that I'd have a great attitude if the same things happened in my life, but the reality is the only way you could have a great attitude is if it was a God thing.  Spend a little time reading through Brooke and Richie's healing.  They are two of the most kind-hearted and genuine folks.  So thankful they're related to the Hendersons.  And little Grant - oh my! - those little brown eyes melt my heart and his dark curly hair - you know I'm sold!

Anywho, spend some time on their blog and spend some time here looking at their gorgeous little fam.  I just love it. Enjoy!