The Fowler Family

Meet the cute little Fowler Family.  I photographed the girls just a bit before the holidays at their home.  I love the images we made in their bedroom.  Reminds me of the Taylor Swift song, Never Grow Up, when she says 'take pictures in your mind of your childhood room, memorize what it sounded like when your Dad gets home, remember the footsteps, remember the words said...I just realized that everything I have is someday going to be gone.' Each time I hear this it always makes me wish I had more pictures of my childhood bedrooms.  Though my parents still live in the one house we had our whole lives, it's different to go into your once lime-green room changed to white for a mini-studio and now white for a mini-guest room. I'm so glad that Chanda chose to photograph the girls at home, in their room, with their dress-up things.  So many little things in these pictures that are so everyday for them.  Enjoy!