The McCall Crew | Celebrating Adoption

Oh my!  When the McCalls walked to our front door, my heart melted a little bit.  We stood on the sidewalk while the cars drove by and the kids talked to Leila through the glass.  The girls got their ruffle dresses on and the boys pulled on their sweater vests.  Their parents were calm and relaxed, despite the fact that 5 children under 5 were standing next to the street.  As soon as everyone was dressed and ready, we held hands and walked down the street.  Niki and Casey are so calm and gentle with their kiddos, because let's be honest - if I had 5 little folks in tow, I'm not sure I would parent with the grace that they apply. Meet the kids, from left to right; Elias, Lillian, Josiah, Eden and Sammy.  The McCalls brought home Elias and Eden this winter from Uganda.  It's so fun to photograph families as they're still melting together.  Each of the kids has such a distinct personality.  Lillian was quiet and shy with her little blond curls - that is until we bonded over some discussion of favorite foods and I carried her all the way back to the shop.  Josiah was a quiet leader, who took the back seat, following directions and helping with the others.  Sammy's still a little fellah who's working on his walking and laughing as he runs from sibling to parent to sibling.  Little Eden just wants to be talked with while she gazes all wide-eyed in return and little Elias thinks that life is a party.  He was running to the tall grass and picking me flowers, then he started dancing and dancing and dancing - my kind of fellah.

I hope that in years to come as the McCalls look back on these images that they remember what it felt like to grow as a family.  I hope they remember the way Lillian was shy and the way Elias copied all the words Eden would say.  I hope they remember the eagerness to please and the quickness of everyone to love their brothers and sisters.  Such a beauty-full family.  Enjoy!