The Perkins Family

Since before little Sadie was living in her memory-card-clad nursery and before Luna the boxer was bounding around the house, I was photographing Ashley's baby bump in Bowling Green while attending WKU.  Each year we've documented the girls' growth, some birthday parties, another round of maternity photos and some other family events.  It is such a privilege to get to come alongside families, watch them grow, learn their intricacies and nuances and be trusted when I ask to come over and shoot whatever I want to. For quite some time I've been annoyed with how ordinary my images were feeling.  They didn't have the mark of other images I make for my family or even the images I make at weddings or in engagements.  They've been flat.  They've been at parks and they've been essentially devoid of genuine moments, which is by far both my strong suit in image making and the tenant of images I fall quickly and deeply for.  They've been acceptable and they've been pleasing to clients, which is most important to me, but they weren't making my blood move anymore.

Enter a winter of reinvention and some time to redirect my loves in this business and nix those that are taking me away from my family for less-then-thriving.  Since Truman came to be, I find myself studying the images of our family now and the images of those who came before us and trying to discern what really attaches me to images and what turns me away.  And really, it's turned out to be what life feels like.  And these images of my dear friends are what life feels like right now.

A sweet, yet pensive time with their Luna-dog, who has been facing an intense season of epilepsy, marked by intense and unexpected seizures in her older days.  The relationship between the intricate, kind, thinking child that Sadie is and the bubble of creative wildness that is Lilah.  But the way sisterhood plays into their sweet chemistry.  I love the peace the girls feel when they sit in their Dad's lap and the sweet, playfulness they bring out in him.  Those feelings placed against the cuddles they both said they most treasure with their mother and the way she slows from her book club, doctorate-completing, busy work schedule to be present with her daughters is written across all these images.  Love them so.

Love the freedom this session has brought to my month of editing non-stop and the progress this time with the Perkins' has brought to my other work.  Enjoy!