The Stephens

Picking up where we left off on fall family pictures brings us to the Stephens family: Todd, Stephanie and Graham.  You may recognize them from last year here.  Much has changed since then, including the baby who isn't quite so baby anymore.  This, too, is the last year little Graham will be the only kiddo around to drive the tractor, poke the cows and pick up all the sticks; the Stephens are expecting a baby!  Congrats!  One more little prankster running around for me to chase and I couldn't be more pumped! You may recognize Graham's parents from school - Stephanie teaches music at Clear Creek Elementary and Todd grows fish, teaches dog CPR and does all sorts of other goodness in the Agriculture department at Martha Layne Collins High School.  Oh, he teaches, too.  That's what the kids say anyway.  It's always a good time when Todd and Stephanie are around.  They're hilarious, Todd's always cracking jokes, Stephanie's always rolling her eyes in his direction and saying 'oohhhhhh, Todd.'  Thanks for inviting me into your lives and out onto your farm.  I enjoyed every minute of the laughs, the stick flinging and the cows trying to headbutt us.  Enjoy!

Don't ask what the world needs-ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. {Howard Thurman}

Glad to be doing what I love, my friends, and thankful that you allow me to do so.