The Terry Family

Where to begin?  I've written quite a few intros and deleted quite a few, but none of them seem too eloquent or effective.  So I guess we'll go with the old standby of Elizabeth-talk.  Here goes.  Straight from my brain to this blog. I used to read her blog.  From afar of course - you know how I like to creep and learn in silence.  Lets start with a link.  The link is to Megan's blog.  Megan is the mom to three gorgeous children, the youngest boy their family adopted recently from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

So I was reading, and kept seeing much of myself in Megan.  She's passionate about adoption and those of you really close to me, you know that God planted that seed in my heart some time ago - not sure why; but it's planted firmly next to the calling to photograph.  Megan has this crazy zeal and impulsive nature that often gets me into trouble.  When she first felt called to adopt, she thought God was pointing her family towards a deaf-child, so she did what any impulsive, excited and passionate person would do:  she had her two children learning sign-language along side her.  Duh, I would have totally done that!

I love her great stories and her wit, but her transparency and authenticity make for the greatest ride.  She shares every step along the way.  She's super giving (hello!  check out the giveaway today!) and recently planned a mom's weekend trip away for other women.  You can read about it.  She tells about everything - and I mean everything.  If you spend some time reading, I guarantee you will laugh, cry, be excited, feel sad and a whole host of other emotions - but I am most sure that you will fall in love with their family's spirit and sincerity.

We've now met formally through the Celebrating Adoption program, but I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a great friendship.  So no more creeper stalking since we're friends now.  But hopefully many more stories to come of my documentary piece on adoption expanding and Megan's writing her tale into book format.  It looks to be a wild ride that starts today, with these images of her beautiful family.  Meet Sadie, Noah and Miles - oh yes, Megan and Kamron, too.  Enjoy, friends!

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