Today was a busy day for me. At 7 am I arrived at...

Today was a busy day for me. At 7 am I arrived at Hardin's Wholesale to complete my photo story on the busy Valentine's season. The morning began with the routine Monday morning cutting of all flowers received since Friday. The operation took near an hour and left the cooler bursting at the seams, as well as the waiting room. Below is a bit of the chaos.

An unusual happening; a florist came to choose and pick up her flowers for the day. She came early as she had a casket spray to complete before the delivery would take place. Needless to say she left with a ton of flowers.

Here is Rosemary, the leader of the pack. Always on the move, Rosemary is constantly on the phone with clients as she assembles orders and checks their quality.

Each bunch of flowers is hand checked for quality. Their commitment to quality is clearly indicative of their success.

Again, roses bunched and fresh from delivery; I just loved this shot.

The last of the series: the warehouse much more full and much busier.

I sure hope you've enjoyed this little slice of life. I also hope you've ordered your flowers for your sweetie- I learned tons about price gouging in the flower business.
I'll be back tomorrow with senior model shots of a gorgeous Rachel. Have a good one!