Tres Chic, Tipping Points and 101 Progress

Well, my friends, we have started an epidemic with the 101 in 1001 lists.  So far my friends Natalie, Taryn, Jessica & Elizabeth have started lists and their friends have started them, too - it's super exciting.  I have to say that I am a fan of writing down goals.  This year I vowed to be much more intentional with my time, my work hours, my life plans and my goals.  And all of this checking items off the list is quite energizing if you ask me! On to the progress: I checked off items #8,# 53 & #58 with the help of our designer, Brenna.  So that was super.  I photographed the Tres Chic fundraiser for this month's addition to #12.  You can see a few of those images below.  We're in the process of ordering more goodies and choosing new cuteness for progress on #16.  Exciting stuff!  I've completed 3 books this year and a review of one will be featured real soon, so that's progress on #34 & #35.

Working on that #37, too, which brings me to a quick story about #74.  The goal was to work out 5 days per week for a month.  With the exception of one week, I'm nearly complete on this one.  So I've been elipticalling and running and doing all sorts of crazy things for at least 5 hours/week with my fabulous workout partner, Elizabeth.  Which brings us to yesterday, when I took a run from my home to Clear Creek Elementary, around a little bit and then back home.  I got chased by a rottweiler for just a little bit.  Yep.  Good times.  If you were around in my high school days, you will remember when I tore a ligament and sported a boot from this same wonderful-type experience, but it was my neighbor's beagle that scared me to death and inspired me to run sideways and then tumble to the ground.

So back to the story...I saw a scared lady running out of the corner of my eye, looked down and sure enough -- right there behind my heel was a dog showing his teeth and ruining my  Run-Run-Run bonding with Natasha Beddingfield singing in my iPhone.  My first thought?  'Crap, I haven't gotten health insurance and this dog is about to gnaw my leg off.'  Thought 2: 'When Leila chases me, I just stop moving and she stops chasing.... probably not this 80 pound guy.'  Terrified looking woman chasing her dog across the yard while I'm screaming and running slowly. Thought 3: 'Tell him no, down, go away, inside, bad, Hudson stays etc.'  Still chasing me. Thought 4: The postman who visits Leila daily tells her about this bad dog that lives by the cemetery (check, cemetery on my right) that he needs his pepper spray for. 'Leila, that dog always gets just close enough and then his owner comes out -- all he needs is one little spray and he'll be good....'  Wishing I had pepper faster... His owner, I presume, finally got close enough to him and he backed off, I kept wheezing all the way home and it was great times on a Sunday afternoon.  So to those of you working on your list, be smart about the ideas you select and always carry pepper spray.  Or at the very least carry health insurance!  Enjoy!

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