Typical Tuesdays | Tears, Tissues, and Two-A-Days

Elizabeth and I both agree - we legitimately need our own television series here in the studio. Seeing that this most likely isn't possible (or is it??), we've decided to let our lovely followers into our crazy lives every Tuesday :) Today started as all days start here at Lizzie Loo.. Pinterest, Coffee, Large Diet Cokes, etc. However, we were quickly put off track when we decided to dedicate a couple of hours (this is not an exaggeration) looking at wedding day videography. Needless to say, after multiple dreamy venues in the Carolinas, original wedding vows that would make anyone tear up, and a proposal that was to die for, we were a little emotional. And for those of you who are just as much wedding junkies as we are, you're in luck because I've included the links to all of these things below. I have three words for you.. Life Stage Videography. Holy smokes. Talk about amazing work and amazing weddings. You will not be disappointed when you look at these videos.. pinky promise. Watch a couple, or better yet, watch them all. So, so good!

Moving on to the proposal. So sweet and so original. I don't see how it's possible to not be completely in love with this.. then again, I'm fully aware that I'm a little more wedding obsessed than the average human being. With that being said, brace yourselves because this is way too perfect.

It's officially that time again here at Lizzie Loo - new window display time! Seeing that we both seem to share an unexplainable love for tissue paper, it seemed only fitting that this would be our material of choice (again!). With a little help from Pinterest and our own imaginations, we came up with a fun, fiesta inspired window using our new favorite color combo - navy, coral, beige, and aqua. In pure Suzanne fashion, the process was far from simple.. in fact, I'm pretty positive I made this just about as difficult as feasibly possible. However, after a few battle wounds from the hot glue gun and an impressive one player game of Twister, I'm proud to say that the new backdrop is both assembled and fabulous :) Here's a preview..

Lastly, it wouldn't be a work day without a large amount of caffeine consumption. Thanks to coffee and Diet Coke, Elizabeth and I are able to function on a day to day basis. Today was a well deserved 'two-a-day' Tuesday, which naturally resulted in the following..

Yes, they are both for me.. and I'm okay with that.

So that's our fabulous Tuesday in a nutshell. In the words of my lovely boss "This is awesome.. no, we are awesome". Hope your day was just as great! Now go watch those videos!!