Uganda: Week 2

Been super busy over here loving on babies, making pictures and repairing cow pens.  Yesterday we spent our time at Sonrise Baby Home again.  I photographed all the children and interviewed all the staff as well as photographed them.  Some of the most heart breaking stories of lives that have come through genocide, forced marriages, war, rape and so many missing parents I've lost count.  Really tough stuff. The guys were off doing their own sort of tough stuff.  They headed to the mill and the market to pick up barbed wire, wood and nails before they reinforced the cow pen that holds the orphanage's milk-producers inside.  It looks so much better and took up the better part of the day.  And let me vouch for them - they smelled awful, and were so dirty when the day was complete.

This first image is of my feet with a baby attached to my leg. Seems most of our days recently are spent this way - baby in your arms, with another couple attached to your legs.  The pig in the middle is the orphanage's fallback plan - they'll sell the pig if they come up short at the end of the month and the final picture is of Harry's feet after working to build the pen all day.  This Ugandan dust can make you think you have quite the tan...until you head to the shower to clean up.  Enjoy!