Uganda: We're Here!

Top 10 things we're thankful for (this could end up much longer than 10...): 10.  Luna bars, Harry's counting his granola bars and I've got my foods on lock.  Yay for the muddy buddies Mom made - and the chocolate I packed in my suitcase.  They're saving us.

9.  Fried egg for breakfast - I don't really eat eggs, but this paired with some toast was the best thing going this morning.

8.  Safe and easy flight.  And the over-dressed, over-stilettoed Turkish Air stewardesses.  And the travel socks.  And the water.  And the extra seats.  And the lack of turbulence.  Thank golly.

7.  Bug repellant and sunscreen.  Ya just can't even go to breakfast without them on.  Craziness.

6.  Hot water in the shower at our 3am arrival.  Haven't been that thankful to be clean in a long time.

5.  Reallll big ole' birds and a little dog at breakfast.  Reminds me of my Leila girl.

4.  Prompt and kind driver at 3am

3.  Erin's skirts that she let me borrow are saving me from sweating to death in my jean capris.  Thank goodness for likesized, kind friends.

2.  Internet!  Woot woot, talking to you fine folks and reading your emails has been swell.  And skyping with my friends, the Nichols, was the bee's knees.

1a.  (This added by Mark White)  Awesome travel buddies.  You know he's talking about me.  Duh.

1.  Clean water to drink!


Ok - I'll be updating as I can.  Maybe even with pictures, but maybe not...we shall see :)