Up at 8 am, drive to Mayfield....unpack

Though I am doing my best to keep up with blogging this workshop, I am going to get behind because we are SOOOOOOO busy. I am storing my images, toning and editing for the blog, I just haven't much time to commentate - which I totally think is necessary. So here we go...moving day. We were to arrive at school for a departure of 8 am...we left at 9, needless to say.

Alex drove the equipment truck, Mandy helped track down late sleepers.



It was a little chilly....this is my rendition of homeless Inge.


And hairy Inge....shooting while we were driving.


Mandy in the back, Inge on the right, me shooting and driving.


Yes, she's wild...stuck her head out the roof.


Little Miss Betsy (yes, mom this is the Betsy whose mom we met at the horse show).


Around 30 of these we brought from school.


Alex, the fearless van driver.


Tanner, the manner.


Bringing in our 'bulletin boards' for picture editing.


Moving the Canon video camera trunks in.



Apple sent over around 40 of these bad boys. How generous :-)


And Alyssa, taking a break at the end of a long day...right after dinner...and then we worked for 4 more hours :-)


I am shooting tons and learning a lot - who da thunk that coming as a labbie (helper) I would get to shoot AND learn. Lucky me...and lucky you if you're enjoying this amazing weather. Hope all is well where you're reading from.

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