Washington, DC Engagement | Katie + Daniel

Oh my gracious, on one of sweet weekend getaways to visit Luke in DC, the Lord crossed my path with Katie and Daniel's.  On a whim, about 3 days before I flew out, we got the specifics together and Katie (she and I cheered Carissa on from the bridesmaid lineup a couple years back) made plans with me to make awesome photos in her new town, DC, with her new fiance.  This week, Katie and Daniel will tie that knot in Mexico before their most loved ones and I couldn't be more pumped. I know Katie just a wee bit from her friendship with one of my best friends, but I know a happy bride and a God-assembled relationship when I see one.  Daniel knows that Katie hung up the moon, he sees her flaws and loves her in spite of them and just joyfully serves her whispy, bubbly self, oh so selflessly.  And Katie.  She's a little bubble of joy and happiness.  And I just loved spending my morning running all over DC with she and Daniel and yes.....even Luke for a bit before he headed to work.  A special little treat - we all got to share a lunch together.  Love photographing you people in love, in places that mean much to you.  Enjoy!