The last wedding idea post I did was such a hit - I'm going to do a mini-post again for all you fanatic planners out there :-)

First you MUST SEE the Real Simple Weddings book. It's a crazy wealth of knowledge for those of you newly engaged ladies who are just getting started on your planning. It covers etiquette, expectations, asking the hard questions, what to do and when to do it - pretty much it is the most amazing thing ever...well, maybe not ever. PLUS - it is "sponsored" by my MOST FAVORITE Crate & Barrel. Check it out!


Next, a super-sweet proposal idea! I found this bowl on Etsy and think it is amazing!!


These pin cushions are ADORABLE and would make the cutest little pillows for your ring-bearer. If you're a seamstress check out the Summer 2007 issue of Quilts and More for all of the details. Until then, check out the author's blog. Thanks for the image Ms. Heather Bailey.


Adriana, of InvitaPaperStudio on Etsy churns out some stellar save-the-dates and creative, custom invites. She's even working up some goods for Lizzie Loo! Be sure to check her out for all of your paper needs - she's just plain amazing.

Save-the-dates - for those 'tying the knot :-)'


Wedding Invites



Even Wedding Maps!!!


That's all folks, the idea well has run dry for today. See ya soon.

And...do you like the new headers? I feel like you never see me until we meet - I'm just a blabbing name without a face.

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