Well folks, I am pleased to say Lizzie Loo is busi...

Well folks, I am pleased to say Lizzie Loo is busier than ever. Currently there are six weddings in talks, four senior reps waiting for their shoots and many more sessions lined up. All of this is fabulous, but I am definately busy!

With this being said, our weather this past weekend didn't help at all! Rainy, 30-40 degrees and windy. Needless to say this weekend's sessions were cancelled and moved to this Friday, so for now I have images of another sort to share.

Many of you are familiar with my love for horses and my living on a horse farm. For the past few weeks I have been working on launching melracing.com(not complete yet!), a site for my parent's thoroughbred racing and breeding. This weekend I photographed our stables at Churchill Downs and here is one of my favorites. Introducing Hot Cocoa, a two-year-old lady born and raised in my backyard. She's an up-and-coming star! Have a great week!