Well, it's been a while since I last posted and on...

Well, it's been a while since I last posted and on account that my New Years Resolution was to update my blog more often and it's now the third- I thought I should hop to it. We've begun a whole new season of weddings, which leads me to the introduction of a weddings only site. It should launch in whole by the end of next week. I will keep you updated- but get excited for a new look!

Although my winter break was short due to my commitment to R.A.-ing at school, I fit in a a lot before returning to my small-business marketing class. As soon as I returned home I left with my family for Key West. We had a great time- it rained a bunch but it was nice to all be together.

We rented an electric golf cart to see the town. The major downfall was the rain that broke out when we had the cart...with no doors. It was still fun; above I am with my sisters in the cart all bundled up. Below, Abby and Dad wait in the cart while the rest of us looked at glasswork in a gallery- sooo much art!

Above- a sign about my favorite comfy shoes, and below an interesting face sitting in the morning.

After a week in Key West and missed flights on the way home we finally made it back for Christmas. My big gift: a new lens.

My first shot-a milestone.

Below is one of my 3-year-old twin cousins, Dane. The two boys were a handful at Christmas- but tons of fun. Can you find him?

On our way home from Christmas dinner we drove by the "lit house" everyone was raving over- I'm impressed!

Next came New Years Eve- my last night at home. I had over a few close friends to make mocktails with my sisters- we played games and had fun as usual. All shot with my new lens- even the amazing rainbow!

Soooo much food and drink- it was all fabulous- especially the chocolate fondue!

How gorgeous!

Loaded questions: my new favorite game!

Catch phrase can get intense!

I hope you each have a great week! Check back soon- I resolve to continue posting!